Biggleswade Books - Books for EveryoneTHANK YOU for visiting Biggleswade Books: whether you’re a first time visitor or returning, a very warm welcome.

At the moment, Biggleswade Books is a dream: a dream for a new, independent bookshop for Biggleswade and the surrounding area.

My wife, Sue, and I arrived in Langford in September 2009 for Sue to take up her new role as Priest-in-Charge of the Henlow and Langford Church of England churches, and we were surprised to discover that our nearest town, Biggleswade, has no bookshop since Bookworms closed down earlier in the year.

Phil Groom

Phil Groom

Both of us are booklovers and avid readers, and I myself am a bookseller by trade. I started in the book trade as a Saturday Assistant with Books Etc at Heathrow Airport, worked my way up to become manager of two branches at Terminals 2 and 4, then moved on to become manager of The Bookshop, Ruislip, part of the former Bookshop (Home Counties) chain. I left there in October 2000 to manage the bookshop at London School of Theology, LST Books & Resources, where I remained until September 2010. I’m now working part time for Sainsbury’s, Biggleswade.

Running a bookshop requires experience, expertise and enthusiasm, all of which I can supply. But it also requires customers who value the personal service that a local bookshop can provide, who appreciate being able to speak to a bookseller and see and handle a book in person. If that’s you — if you would like to see a bookshop in Biggleswade and would support such a venture — if you would like to see the dream become reality, please leave a comment here or contact me, Phil Groom, with your ideas and suggestions. Let me know what you would like it to become and together, I hope, we can make it happen.

Finally, if you’d like to find out more about who I am, please feel free to explore any of my other blogs (you’ll find them in the sidebar), find me on facebook or follow me on twitter.

Biggleswade Books - Books for Everyone


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