Welcome to Biggleswade Books!

WELCOME to Biggleswade Books! Biggleswade Books is a dream: a dream for a new, independent bookshop for Biggleswade and the surrounding area.

Biggleswade Books - Books for EveryoneSince Bookworms closed earlier this year, Biggleswade has been without a bookshop. As a newcomer to the area, having just moved to Langford, this saddens me; but as a booklover by nature and a bookseller by trade, I’d love to be able to provide the Biggleswade area with a bookshop — a community and family focused shop, with dedicated sections providing resources for local churches and other organisations.

At present this is only a dream: to make that dream a reality, I need the support of the local community: do the people of Biggleswade want a bookshop?

I am particularly keen to hear from prospective customers who would prefer to buy their books locally, so that I can gauge the level of interest; but I’d also love to hear from other local business people or community leaders who would be willing to comment on the viability of such an enterprise, offer advice or perhaps even consider making a financial investment to help launch the business.

Whether you’d like to help or simply want to say that you like the idea, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me, Phil Groom, privately with your ideas and suggestions for how — together — we can make it happen. Finally for now: if you’re wondering who I am, please see the About page.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mark W on November 1, 2009 at 5:04 pm


    It was a sad day when Bookworms closed down, however competing with Asda with the usual tripe of celebrity books and top 10s at £3.79 was always going to be tough.

    To be honest, whilst I would love to see a book shop bage in Biggleswade I think the old Bookworms shop was simply too small and whilst just off the square being next to the rear of the New Inn it is a put off with the smokers and drinkers spilling out next to the entrance.

    I think you need the balance and if the Woolworths shop was smaller then ideal for independent bookseller, however really it is ideal for a W H Smith.

    My suggestion is for you to take a drive into Letchworth and have a look at how Davids are set up, certainly something similar could take on Woolworth’s premises, what with a Book store one side and a Music store etc the other, if done right you would be able to have a small coffee area at rear which could be run as a concession with say the Surfin Cafe.

    So, yes love to see Book shop back in Biggleswade, leave Bookworms to the fate of Chip shop but look to be more expansive following “Davids” example.

    Hope that helps



  2. Posted by A. Fraser on November 4, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    A brilliant idea. I think Worthworths premises would be ideal for different areas of books suited to differnt age groups. Meaning that different people can enjoy browsing the books of their choice without too much interruption. Making it an experience, no matter what your age or circumstances.


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